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Information ULTIMATE MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3 - HISTORY & Why it Disappeared!?

Title :  ULTIMATE MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3 - HISTORY & Why it Disappeared!?
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Frames ULTIMATE MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3 - HISTORY & Why it Disappeared!?

Description ULTIMATE MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3 - HISTORY & Why it Disappeared!?

Comments ULTIMATE MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3 - HISTORY & Why it Disappeared!?

It didn't disappear dumbass people still play it. People actually gave this guy go fund me money to keep this going?
Comment from : LORDE OWS THE KING

Max Claymore
Not a single mention of it, huh? MvC 3 got HUGE hate at its launch for its dlc. What? MvC3 had dlc? Crazy I know, but the hate came from the fact that a good portion was ON DISC DLC. Which means you got to pay full price for a game, and then an extra 20 over the next 4 months to UNLOCK the crap already on the freaking disk. And then MvC3 ULTIMATE comes along, allowing people to pay once for what they bleed the hardcore fans for. F@$% 'em!
Comment from : Max Claymore

i like to think people say nintendo are dicks and want your money cause they gotta compete with sony and microsoft who are bigger dicks and want more of your money, then theres disney whos actually evil
Comment from : TheMinato707

mr saiyan
it was cause it was the beging of them trying to juice people for fighters...?
Comment from : mr saiyan

i want axl with x and zero plus bishop for marvel
Comment from : protagonist52

Open Mynd
I still play till this day🤷🏾‍♂️...it never Left we're all still here 10 years later
Comment from : Open Mynd

MarshallW 190
Vid's ok, but the part about the Marvel Dlc was pointless, aren't the new characters appealing in their own way, the old characters had their time on the spotlight, I rather see characters debuting , if the old ones had any "appeal" than they would've been considered long before.
Comment from : MarshallW 190

With your Patreon support, could you please invest in a better quality microphone? I like your videos, but the audio quality leaves a little to be desired. I honestly think it would help boost your channel views as well.
Comment from : TheKingOfReading

Just Kat
Firebrands other fighting game appearance was in SvC chaos. Fighting game debut? I think. He appears under the name Red Arremer as a final boss. Just a random fact
Comment from : Just Kat

Adam Abbas
I had it in the vita. A great game and excellent value for money. I was very disappointed that it didn't have more xmen characters, but I liked some of the capcom additions like Dante and virgil.
Comment from : Adam Abbas

This game didn’t disappear and neither did X-men vs SF, COTA, mvsf and mvc1. There’s new content being uploaded daily by the mvc1 & mvc2 community.
Comment from : BCaNNoN

Rob Pollock
I was ready to come in and defend Ultimate by reminding people about the Tsunami (which I always have to do among my gaming peers) and you mentioned it! I also have to frequently remind people about Disney bullishly pulling their characters in favor of Disney Infinity and you mentioned that too!!!

Good on you, Top Hat! Thanks for knowing the history and spreading the correct information!

Comment from : Rob Pollock

as expected disney ruins everything
Comment from : MLPfluttershy

Stevenson Chambers
Never really did get into the Marvel vs Capcom 3 series. One thing I will say is the MvC3 soundtrack is FAR superior to that of MvC2. Wtf was Capcom thinking with those weird, out of placed jazz tracks that make you want to mute the sound.
Comment from : Stevenson Chambers

At first I was cynical with this release since it came so soon after the original (although I never bought the original either). I waited a little and got it at a good price. Once I got adjusted I grew to like this game. While the new characters on the marvel side were obviously put in to promote the movies and series I enjoyed playing with Ghost Rider (who was in my wishlist) and Dr. Strange who became one of my mains.
Comment from : Grifo

Shuma gorath and Blackheart surely didn't have lasting appeal. They weren't featured heavy back in the day and have only just recently popped up sporadically
Comment from : djcactus

Jeff Assassin
I have Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 for both PS 3 and PS 4 I love it won't ever disappear from me I enjoyed Marvel VS Capcom 2 the best tough it had the most characters cool backgrounds and the music was hip and fun
Comment from : Jeff Assassin

Well at least #BigDaddyTopHat continues on!
Comment from : sinicalypse

I liked MVC3 & UMVC3 I have owned them both at one point last gen & bought UMVC3 on PS4 as well.

Also MVC2 was good but it had some characters that were just palette swap's of other characters. lol

Comment from : Demonic-Deadbeat

Nick Antony
What is your obsession with Ken Masters? Even if they WERE to add another Street Fighter character, why would they add a 3rd shoto character instead of someone with a different style like Dhalsim or Balrog?
Comment from : Nick Antony

loved the video! never stop making content
Comment from : sarin3

Here's what Capcom needs to do to revive the series the RIGHT WAY:
✓ Step 1: Go back to the Comic Book art style.
✓ Step 2: Hire Joe Madureira (Go see his 90's X-Men stuff and what he's done lately, trust me, he's a BEAST)
✓ Step 3: Use Joe Madureira's style and implement it to Marvel vs Capcom: The Revival just like Streets of Rage 4 implemented hand drawn animation.
✓ Step 4: Profit

Comment from : DeVstatrOmga

Dangly Wangly
3 was ight, mvc2 was way better
Comment from : Dangly Wangly

Tri-Edge Gaming
cool video. UMVC3 is the best game in existence. idc what anyone says.
Comment from : Tri-Edge Gaming

Why, you say? One word..... Phoenix. 😄
Comment from : -jb-

Def Style
Once I noticed everyone online was spamming hidden missles I instantly stopped playing
Comment from : Def Style

referral madness
8:22 who the fuck is virgil ? 😂😂😂
Comment from : referral madness

referral madness
I need to buy marvel vs capcom 3 :) The ps vita version is removed from the playstation store so I'll but a home console/PC version and hack my vita to get the game for free.
Comment from : referral madness

Daena Michelle
Hey boss I got the MvC DLC ready, should we release it?
Nah, make a new game out of it, those losers gonna pay anyways.

Comment from : Daena Michelle

Love this game. I dabbled with 2 on the dream cast I think it was. This is the first title in the series I properly played and enjoyed.
Comment from : J G

Victor Hernandez
Please talk bout street fighter 1
Comment from : Victor Hernandez

Branson Benson
Comment from : Branson Benson

James Ramirez
MvC3 promoting the movies? I'm sorry but you want to talk about promoting the MCU look no further than MvC:I, now that thing is up the wazoo for the MCU, it went so far as taking away the X-men and F4 characters and giving the other characters MCU looks as opposed to the more comic book accurate looks they had in MvC3.
Comment from : James Ramirez

James Ramirez
Still think this one is much better than MvCI, but that may be just my opinion. In fact, my fav order for them is 2, 3 & 1 and the last one doesn't even make the list.
Comment from : James Ramirez

Matthew Smith
Because it was dumbed down trash.
Comment from : Matthew Smith

Ray Segura
Come on Top Hat Brother,where's the Tatsunoku VS.Capcom AllStars for the WII,WE NEED THIS VIDEO SO BAD!!!
Comment from : Ray Segura

People were way more upset that no X-Men characters. That was literally one of the main complaints, not Street Fighter characters.
Comment from : Jonathan

DLC takes place thorought 2011

I have shivers thinking of 2007 (Bethesda)

Comment from : mignonthon

Capcom lost the license
Comment from : e69alpha

Darryl Nevels
Good one because I have it but don't play. I'm play another Fighting game anime based.
Comment from : Darryl Nevels

Erick Izaguirre
He got me with the Virgil reference. Awesome video 👍
Comment from : Erick Izaguirre

Edwin Talavera
I like this game better then mvc2
Comment from : Edwin Talavera

MvC 3 is really TvC 2 smh 😟
Comment from : chriskeepit100

Horizon Brave
Helll-ohhh! Glad to see your back on the videos without missing a beat man. Also.. just a suggestion, do you think you'd want to do maybe weekly 'live journal' episdoes? You can maybe make a video checking in, let us know how things are going with you, your plans, maybe just to vent and let off some steam etc. I know things are probably still pretty stressful for you. Having a weekly chat may help raise awareness, gain patreons etc....
Comment from : Horizon Brave

OneButton Dash
the game was huge up until about 2017 when marvel infinite released. people thought that was gonna be the next marvel game that took over the FGC scene. Most people dropped marvel 3 for infinite when that came out. But sooner than we thought people started not liking the game... literally a couple months in and that game died super fast. Basically Marvel infinite killed MVC3 then it killed itself. People didn't make the jump back to marvel 3.
Comment from : OneButton Dash

Federico Aguirre
Long live MvC 2!
Comment from : Federico Aguirre

That Critic
It has good content and more content than its predecessor but lacks the complexity and uniqueness of its predeccessor
Comment from : That Critic

nintendo and chill
MvC is not a Street Fighter spin-off but a spin-off from Capcom's work with Marvel in Arcade. The first game in the series only had X-Men, followed by X-Men vs Street Fighter then the Marvel vs Capcom games.
Comment from : nintendo and chill

Sad to say the this was released the exact same year as mortal kombat 2011 and it was a better alternative and the lackluster mvc3 original and ultimate that was big burn to capcom and being that during the time it was released during the infamous capcom dlc hack scandal that really ruined the rep for capcom and it was sad
Comment from : RockerMike92

Dustin Nunn
Marvel vs Capcom's gameplay engine needs the Street Fighter engine treatment. The franchise needs to be killed off, brought back, rebooted and play like Street Fighter.
Comment from : Dustin Nunn

cuz it sucks
Comment from : swl9380

Top Hat...did tou bug my phone? Did you read my mind? Because, I was JUST thinking/talking about this game, for 2 days prior to this showing up in my feed! ...are you a wizard...maybe, from the moon? 🤔

P.S. Your show is the shit! Hope you rock this shit for years!

Comment from : NumberOneBOB

Like I said in the original Marvel Vs Capcom 3, I love how Mega Man's fanbase lost their shit because Mega Man wasn't playable and Rocket Racoon was. Now Rocket's a household name because of those movies. When the next game came out, they even had a Funko Pop bundle of Mega Man X and Rocket. I don't know if that was to troll those players, but I take it as one.
Comment from : mightyfilm

Tuvya Maeir
I'm sure others told you it already released on PC. So here's a comment that you won't see very often.

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 is the greatest fighting game of all time. And even though I've lost my touch with the game with picking up other things, I still say that every time I grab my controller.

Also, RIP the canceled Doctor Octopus plans. That would've made for a fun character. There's always the next title!

Comment from : Tuvya Maeir

Ace Sandoval
Smackdown's greatest manager Teddy Long! Lol
Comment from : Ace Sandoval

Reylee Simmons
I love this game so much, it's a huge part of my early childhood- I'm so glad some people are talking about it still!
Comment from : Reylee Simmons

Julian Grant
I disagree that the roster is better in MvC2. More doesn't mean better. I hardly used half of the roster on that game and I hardly knew a mojority of those new charcters since they were added as fan service for Japanese gamers. This roster is more for western gamers which I don't dislike but I would argue that the number of characters on the roster doesn't justify a 3 man tag bout for the original. That's why I so welcomed this edition with 12 more fighters to justify it. I feel like alot of bad came out of MvC2 like simplifying the buttons from a six button to a four and now a three.
Comment from : Julian Grant

The Bizarre Hermit
Man you have some shit takes on roster selection. I'd much rather have franchise variety than 20 shoto clones.
Comment from : The Bizarre Hermit

Great videos.. Did you ever do one for Eternal Champions by any chance?
Comment from : darkwaterentertianme

All praises due to Vergil. The REAL Virgil.
Comment from : ju99yfresh

devrow kelly
Interesting. Im pretty good at this game. From nz love the hype this carried at evo. Super flashy.
Comment from : devrow kelly

Antonio Rodríguez Negrón
I really hated that this came out less than a year after MvC3 at first. I love the game now, especially the Vita version! I would love for it to come out on Switch. But keep Infinite away! That one, while not bad, just didn't work for me.

Shame that Disney Infinity killed it. I really liked the Infinity toys, but the game was as bland and soulless as they come. I would have actually bought more figures for it if the game had been worth it.

Comment from : Antonio Rodríguez Negrón

I was in the evo for this, check out umvc3 halls of hype series it shows more gameplay though out the years of the greatest fighting game of all time
Comment from : AG NoLife GOKU

I have it on Steam. HOLLA HOLLA PC PLAYA
Comment from : KYOZALID

Vanilla MvC3 got me into fighting games. The most gaming fun I had that generation was playing UMvC3 with the guys from work for hours and hours. It might be my most played game of all time. None of us were into fighting games before that but it was great to see us all progressively get better every time we'd hang out, learning new things fighting each other. Good times.
Comment from : ClockworkMansion

Black Oozaru
this game is my favorite in the series and looks great to this day, i was SO FREAKING HAPPY when it came to steam, now i know i will always have it to play a little bit every now and them dispise licensing shit with disney.
Comment from : Black Oozaru

Erick Gutierrez
Mvc 3 is better than infinite
Comment from : Erick Gutierrez

Tony ThePokemonGuy
will always love a teddy long reference player
Comment from : Tony ThePokemonGuy

Marco Polo
Comment from : Marco Polo

Conker The Raccoon
so...what's up with that Virgil guy that was all alone there? what happened there?
Comment from : Conker The Raccoon

No Monster Hunter....😞
Comment from : eyeln9ne

Jeffrey Sylvester
Thank you so much Top Hat,I Just downloaded this game on my PS4, Its on sale for $9 on the PS store ,The sale doesn't look like it will last long.
Comment from : Jeffrey Sylvester

1. X-Men vs Street Fighter
2. Marvel vs Capcom 2
3. Marvel vs Capcom 3

Comment from : 19zach75

Big Dick Gandalf Nerdcore
I love the Teddy Long holla every time theres tag teams lmao and every wrestling reference you make cracks me up! The Gobbeldy Gooker?!?! Put him in Marvel 4
Comment from : Big Dick Gandalf Nerdcore

Timothy Lewis
Anyone remember Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects?

Might make for an interesting video...

Comment from : Timothy Lewis

King David
You said XvsSF was the first in the vs series. I know you know about MSH and Xmen COTA, and I suppose you're not wrong - but Akuma was in COTA. But who's counting. XvsSF has the first use of VS in the title.
Comment from : King David

What's going on at 6:44?
Comment from : JoKoKilla

Ahhhh!!! I didn't know about this one! On first glance it looks like Tansunoko vs Capcom. Why didn't THIS come to the Wii, instead of Tansunoko?
Comment from : JoKoKilla

King David
Marvel 3 is a good game, and even the new one really isn't that bad - ignoring the very lackluster roster, lack of dev support and funky chun li face. But as an oldschool purist, it's been downhill since MvC1. In some ways, since MvSF. Gone are the 6 buttons, and an overwhelming emphasis on spamming helpers (or whatever you might call them. assists?) and only picking a handful of top-tier characters. Well if you want to play competitively at least.

I think MvSF had the best gameplay. XvSF was wayyy too broken with its combos, but that one was also good.

Comment from : King David

ironically, Disney Infinity is a major reason the toys to life genre basically died....the toys for those games oversaturated stores, being stocked a good 3:1 with Skylanders or LEGO Dimensions purely because Disney/Marvel/Star Wars. Didn't help that Infinity wasn't that enjoyable to play between the more awkward controls compared to Skylanders, the inability to mix & match characters between "playsets", focus on the Toy Box mode, and playsets not being forward compatible ( seriously, if you had the 2.0 Marvel stuff, you could ONLY play it via the 2.0 game...3.0 was just for Star Wars )...

and to this day, I still wish a Breath of Fire character could be in a Marvel Vs Capcom game....not to mention Asura & Gene ( Godhand )

Comment from : newageBoundhippie

Durus Deen
The comment about the fighting game characters not being in the game doesn’t sound right. I’m pretty sure people love playing as viewtuful joe, Phoenix Wright, Amaterasu and the marvel characters
Comment from : Durus Deen

baby Maharaja
The best game in the Marvel vs Capom series to me.
Comment from : baby Maharaja

Jeff Jacobson
I own this game on PS3 but I only played it once. I just didn't like it as much as the 2-D vs. games.
Comment from : Jeff Jacobson

JKZEROkenji Mb
UMVC3 was my favourite game.
Comment from : JKZEROkenji Mb

Proud Vita owner of this game! One hell of a version and it’s fantastic playing it on the go!
Comment from : Roxynano

Funny as my first Marvel VS Capcom game is Infinite. Honestly because of that I do like it more than most because of that.
Comment from : Roxynano

It was hard to buy for like a year but it never disappeared. I bought the ps4 version maybe 2 years ago and play it regularly.
Comment from : blooddumpster3427

Disney and licensing issues. as to why not many Xmen /mutants are in the game. mostly Avengers are there for marvel.

2. the roster was smaller than 2.

3. some characters were whack

Comment from : phogetta1

I think it's $9.99 atm. Pick it up on ps4 before the sale ends.
Comment from : voltz15

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is one of my favorite games and the game that got me really into fighting games. Glad to see someone covering the history of it. It's a shame that Infinite was such a disappointment because I would love to see a new Marvel vs Capcom game for people to fall in love with like I did with UMvC3.
Comment from : Zakk219

The detail many neglect is the marvel character choices lay out as a time line of every upcoming marvel movies at the time - before guardians became a surprise hit (Rocket, Nova), before the fantastic four reboot failure (Doom, Super Skrull) and before Deadpool eventually got his own movie. The emphasis on marketing from the Disney side just got worse five fold in MVCI once that sweet Avengers money started rolling in.
Comment from : RandomPath

You should do one on the disappointing Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. That game disappeared.
Comment from : sai76

... U/MvC3 had fewer characters than MvC3. However, it U/UMvC3 had the highest number of new characters in the series- MvC3 huge roster consisted of a load of already existing character sprites.
Comment from : Yawdan

I like it more than MvC2. It may be my favorite Capcom vs. game, actually.
Comment from : NeoKokoro20

Seamus McBass
Just when I thought I was free of the gobbledygooker, BAM! 7:01 and that little bastard is etched in my memory again, lol!
Comment from : Seamus McBass

The game ain't disappeared. The non-fans just didn't care about it unless it was the hype.

There was a major as recently as March- K-Brad's Reflex.

Still, UMvC3 got killed for the mainstage by business decisions. Released UMvC3 just 9 months in November after MvC3's release in February for full price, in order to promote the Avengers film. Sales ended up suffering (vanilla sold 2.2 mil; UMvC3 sat at 600k about a year later).

Capcom also handled balance patches wrong. After given us regular balance patches based on community feedback (nerfed Sentinel; removed glitches; removed NON-TAC infinities), they were reluctant to nerd characters in UMvC3 without communication (they left Wesker who we mistakenly thought was top-tier at the time- good thing they didn't listen to us- but nerfed Pheonix Wright's- a low tier- invincible assist). They then said they would be at Evo to investigate TAC infinities, but then said they would leave them in the game. Then after later asking for community feedback for balance patches, they reneged on the promise of said balance updates.

Only to later reveal they were not going to be updating the game due to Marvel pulling their license.

The community kept the game alive despite the popular 'Mahvel is dead' tag and the developers saying they would no longer sponsor the game. As I said, there were majors as recently as March in a Covid-19 rife society. And was pulling bigger numbers in its last Evo main entries then many other new releases.

Comment from : Yawdan

Comment from : honeytos28

very boring films
(u)mvc3 did have a very lengthy, and successful run on the tournament scene. i caught the finals duting my first EVO visit when kaneblueriver won it. but, to me, no one was better than FChamp at the time as he blew minds and turned heads with his dormammu gameplay. no one anticipated that character, and therefore none could react to FChamps set ups accordingly. he made the game exciting by opening up new doors with a new character, where most people were still clinging to returning characters from mvc 2. i’d say no rush making that mvc infinite video 😉 now ima watch this again!
Comment from : very boring films

Because it was broken & unplayable close to the older titles!
Simple as that!
No disney no nothing behind this atrocity of an unplayable button masher hell.There are truths that didn't spoken because companies wanted to praise this gem as they wanted!!! 😤

Comment from : T@wesomE

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